05-10-20 Twins: Wubala Park

Monday 5th October 2020

It was heatwaves today; their bare feet burn when they walk through playgrounds. The babies have come down with hand foot and mouth disease. Elektra has been grizzly for two dreary days and nights desperately needing to be held and comforted. Erroll is champion at that; I’m SHOUTY telling her to go back to bed, but I didn’t know it was a virus! Erroll has insisted its teeth coming through then today as the babies (finally) napped at Centennial Park I noticed lesions on Elektra’s tongue…and spots around her bum. That ain’t teething!

Hand foot and mouth disease manifests as lesions IN THE MOUTH and bumpy sores anywhere else the virus fancies occupying. Elektra is miserable her mouth painful and she’s dribbling as swallowing is too painful. So all she can take orally is cold milk, cold water, cold Berocca. Zero interest in food however she did lift the pasta-laden fork to her mouth during picnic time at Wubala Park, so she’s hungry, just can’t cope with the pain of swallowing.

They’re drugged out now, at bedtime. Elektra wails with agony through her sleep!! Her tongue looks painful such are the lesions the worst one on the top and tip of her tongue. All day she dribbled and moaned!

Keanu’s disease progression is different: he has an appetite eating beef biftek tonight! And smiles still. Tomorrow shall be another story!!!

Keanu this evening ate a hearty dinner of biftek and chicken schnitzel so I suspect the worst will be in the next few days! Starving children after schlep them firstly to Surry Hills then Waterloo foroour picnic then to Centennial Park to feed the swans.