04-11-20 Twins: Vanity

Wednesday 4th November 2020

Elektra wants to get out of this bedroom far too early. I won’t let her out for all she does is go wake up her twin. And its Keanu who needs a longer lay in because he takes longer to fall asleep. So back into the bed I drag her, until she calls ‘wee, WEE’. She needs to do a wee. Champ girl!

While on the loo Keanu saunters up chirpy and sucking his πιπίλα. We’re all is great moods especially when the babies rediscover the pink vanity – which lights up and makes noises.

Day 3 of no hair pulling though Elektra did reach out and grabbed a hand full of Keanu’s curls. Keanu this afternoon retaliated and pulled her hair while I fed them potatoes in the kitchen.