12-10-20 Kingsley: Term 4 Begins

Monday 12th October 2020

First day back at school Term 4 begins and it’s nothing but chaos at home. We’re up early not due to enthusiasm to race to school but because I have an appointment with our plumber at Surry Hills at 8am which means we leave Kings with Γιαγιά (and significantly no device). So she makes him 2 eggs and a bowl of pasta for breakfast. He makes 3 calls to see where μαμά and μπαμπά are. What’s taking so long?

Well Erroll makes it home on time to take Linus to school fresh from his shower hair smelling of Dove, nails clean as are teeth. Threatening his dad with all sorts, Kingsley asks Erroll to promise to pick him up from the Pick Up Zone.

Of course I get nothing out of him once Erroll brings him home come afternoon. Who did you play with? What did Miss Sanzari say today? What did you learn? Receiving crumbs from the child I search in his blue folder for evidence of learning. A new reader! So over a hot lunch of eggs (again), chicken rice and a Crumpet Kingsley reads avd is allowed a Greek movie. No games!