16-12-20 Kingsley: Final Day as a Year 1

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Take my little guy to Bunnerong Gym this afternoon after school via three buses, and we’re both in great moods. Helps that we’ve only got Elektra as companion. One baby is easy. Erroll is back to flying and its a baptism of fire for me – the final day of year 1 I’m walking Kingsley to school, bake him a cake for class, remembering the knives, napkins and decorations for the icing. His class mates are so chipper to see me and Kingsley beams. They all talk about Kingsley’s frothy pool party and even Miss Sanzari asks me about it! I mistakenly call Alyra Jiya promoting Jiya to look bereft which sparked Miss Sanzari to say loudly ‘of COURSE Kingsley’s mum knows you Jiya’. I then ask the class whether Kingsley is good and listens in class, a few of the girls calling out ‘sometimes’. Poor child looked at me imploringly to STOP IT MUM, you know that nervous laugh cr, the eyes said it all. But I redeem myself asking the class whether they had a good time at Kingsley’s party. A resounding YES!