Kingsley: Maya

Ramadan, July 2016

Prior to now it was always ‘Kingsley and Layla’ since they are our eldest (Camilla) and my only child, similar in age, disposition, attitude and energy levels. The two scamps have always enjoyed causing us headaches and we have secretly always wished they run away to Ibiza and pash, when of age (ahem). Recently however Camilla has been bringing Maya out to our get togethers which has allowed Kingsley to get to know this little cutey. She is six month younger than Kingsley, and literally the opposite in his personality.

Today we all ate brunch at a hopping place called The Pavilion in the Downtown Dubai area – perfect for us as its one metro stop away and the restaurant has set up two excellent children’s play areas for little ones to explore. Much to Kingsley’s delight, Maya brought along crayons, colourful drawing paper and interactive books. Their toddlerhood friendship was sealed the instant Maya allowed my boy access to all her things. And she did not even wince when he brutishly crushed the orange and blue crayons. What a good sharer, we all agreed. A new future love as well, perhaps!!

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