03-06-18 Full Day of Daddy

Sunday 3rd June 2018

For the third day of summer Kingsley gets his Ba-Bāh all to himself. Doesn’t care too much for little friends since daddy is finally in Saronītha after a three week wait.

With loveable Miss Venezuela

Still, Dorötheos is generous all day allowing little ones in the neighbourhood and beach to share not only his toys, balls, bubble-maker but his daddy’s time.

First breakfast – eggs & cheesy toast

Lots of moments I looked up to find Erroll kicking a soccer ball to little Eleni in the playground, or passing a ball to 4 year old Sasha (new in town, from St. Petersburg), or pitching the ball to brothers Nichölao and Alexandros swimming wildly in the sea.

All Dorötheos wants is to swim here

Of course Dorötheos continues to rise in popularity among the preschoolers since he carries around his fishing net (i apöxi). And once again today a group of boys he now knows decide to collect sea urchins together. Eight they dragged up from the rocks, Erroll completely surprised and proud of his sea-confident son.

Swimming all day here