Kingsley: 10 Months in Greece

7th October 2014

Saronida, 8pm, a great day spent wandering about this coastal Aegean town and watching Kingsley make attempts at standing unaided while on our bed. Right now the Greek National News is on but Jiajia Dora is less interested in Greece’s austerity measures and much more intrigued with her confident fifth grandson; nothing compares to the wonder of watching a baby develop before your very eyes.

Kingsley can now stand for a full five seconds without toppling on his nappy-padded bum. On other news, we can report excellent progress after day three on respiratory medications to open up King’s irritated lungs: a full nights sleep last night without waking even once!!!

To celebrate King and I left Jiajia Dora at home to nap while we walked kilometres to find a quiet secluded cove overlooking uninhibited islands for our daily dip. We met with dogs and locals. Splendid way to spend a day with our ten month old.

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