Constance Ephelia, Seychelles

Ah, now I get it: this is what stunning five star luxury in the tropics feels like…located on one of the most pristine beaches on the island of Mahé, Port Launay, the Constance Ephelia Resort must be experienced to be believed. This is not merely a hotel plonked upon a piece of beachfront real estate. It is a huge resort containing two full-sized hotels spread across a pretty big property spread over a headland and two beach areas that are the envy of other hotels. Oh and the standout feature? The warm, friendly, confident and excellent hotel staff.

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Right in between the two hotels, among the mangroves, the property makes way for the world class Spa de Constance, really a spa like no other. It is actually a Spa Village offering a multitude of pools of varying water temperatures, waterfalls, reflexology walkways, lot of treatment rooms, outdoor showers, sauna, jacuzzis, and a most exquisite yoga pavilion set upon its own wading pool, which overlooks verdant misty mountains.

The view as we walk back to our suite from breakfast

The view as we walk back to our suite from breakfast

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The Spa Village seems like its floating on water, as it overlooks the granite mountains of Mahe island.

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While vacationing here, Erroll and I chanced upon a wedding. Immediately we hid behind the trees and watched as two people in love exchanged vows in one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Here we were at the Constance Ephelia, ourselves celebrating our Babymoon (me 26 weeks pregnant), watching two become one. There and then Erroll and I vowed to return to this property, to immerse ourselves once again in the seductive natural beauty of the Seychelles. We hope you experience it one day too.

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Constance Ephelia Resort is located on the island of Mahé, Port Launay, and is approximately 30 minutes car ride from the airport.

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