11-09-19 Kingsley: Map of Coogee

Wednesday 11th September 2019

A note to Erroll who is on a 4 sector day today. Its 10am and he’s just landed in Melbourne. Next is Hobart back to Melbourne then Sydney-bound where he’ll pick us up from Basketball at 6pm…

No joke it was bedlam! Whacky races!
Linus jumped in our bed woke Elektra we three played but i wouldn’t let them out of bed till 6am.

Fed Linus yoghurt then banana then bacon & eggs tho he couldn’t finish the eggs.

Meanwhile fed Elektra an entire banana & half avocado them yoghurt! She needed a bath so bathed her. Then bed while Kingsley entertained Freudle.

Meanwhile Freudle is playing on the bed, though beginning to feel the effects of hunger. He didn’t wake for a feed during the night. That’s 12 hours with an empty stomach. Does his poo, needs a warm ban-yo clean treatment then he tells me he’s starving so eats an entire banana & other half of avocado.

Linus on loo, I dressed him for school, dressed Freudle, pop him into a rocker, washed dishes and Brigitte comes over at 8:30!

Linus practices his Map of Coogee Presentation to Brigitte then we walk to school, he eating half a bagel.

At school he hands out cupcakes to his mates and a packet of soy crisps to Miss Panousis. She notes the map and tells the class that “we will all be sitting around Kingsley’s map in a circle to hear Kingsley’s presentation today”

Linus was super proud to have completed this his first school project. He told me.