01-09-20 Kingsley: Tonsillitis Day

Tuesday 1st September 2020

How very tedious and painful: being waylaid by a bacteria so overpowering it has caused tonsillitis in our big boy. He’s been complaining of a sore throat for a week, can’t breathe, adenoids stuffed, and cannot swallow with any ease. This morning he rushes in to my bedroom crying actually distressed from the pain of his throat. Quick! Time for his antibiotics and pain relief. And to give him some joys, Netflix to watch.

We’re off to visit Maria & Gavino today – us and the babies – Kingsley staying home under the sheets in bed watching shows and being loved by Γιαγιά who later in the day bakes κουλουράκια. Excited and proud Linus calls me with the news he’s baked! A batch of κουλουράκια withvvarious designs for himself. Γιαγιά made s batch just for daddy he assures me.

But once we’re home there’s no Kingsley to hug. He’s been invited next door to play with John & Bridget’s puppies…and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants on their i pad! No complaints of throat pain then!