06-09-20 Twins: Fathers Day

Sunday 6th September 2020

Our glorious fathers day begins with Kingsley leaving with Erroll for rugby league and γιαγιά off to church which means I’ve got the crazies for hours as Erroll is also doing volunteer work at the Kenso oval canteen. I literally count down the minutes till he arrives. Meanwhile I’m at wits end as both babies are desirous of sleep. I’m screwed! Then simply put Elektra into the pram out on the balcony her mouth stuffed with a bottle, Enya on repeat. She passes out.

Keanu’s a bit more hardy; can cope much better without sleep. So I play with him and Kingsley before the miracle surprise of Erroll turning up at the back door. Yay! Now we can enjoy and celebrate Fathers Day. Off to Wellington Street Bondi for a play. Elektra is running, Keanu is waddling and both are smothered by Lawrence who gives them the tiniest choke holds. They love the attention. Plus the apple juice (diluted) which is on offer at the park.

What Elektra doesn’t like is how the bubble isn’t operational. Bloody covid. Hence gulping the apple juice. A beautiful sunny day all of us together.