10-04-17 Day 4 School Bus

Monday 10th April 2017

Today I surprised even myself with how efficiently Kingsley was put onto the school bus. Alarm went off just before 7:30 and he cuddled me into his warm pillowy arms both of us coming down with something and not surprisingly so since for the first time in a long time we’re hanging day and night with kids. The little man is so affectionate this morning and did not once complain about his stuffy nose, or restless sleep during the night, just informed me he has ‘sand stuck like glue up my nose, Mummā’. Of course that set me off wildly (and very loudly for a morning) with praise and tickles.

By stealth and over Sponge Bob Square Pants (‘Bob Sfougarāki’ to Kingsley) breakfast is spoon fed into Kingsley’s open mouth. Bless him he knows not to resist. Today he gets one pink apple cut up into perfect square pieces then a slice of buttery toast cut into perfect wee triangles then half an egg in the form of gooey yolk. As good as it gets for rushing him out the door at 8:20am.

Deranged with excitement he jumps on the little yellow school bus – no kiss for Mummā – and the very young and pretty Miss Xristìna buckles him into his designated miniature seat. He is ready to learn from his teacher today and tells Mr Mixāli their driver. The other little children are either mute, wide-eyed or asleep already. Day 4 of preschool begins in earnest!