Nashville Day 2: Uncle Bill & Granma Bonnie

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Fresh air and morning play exhausts Kingsley so much that by 10am he is rubbing his eyes at the table and I barely get an egg into him before naptime. For three hours he goes down and I get to read more of the excellent World War II novel Unbroken while lying in bed. Outside in the kitchen Erroll and his dad reacquaint themselves after ten months apart.

By 2pm we are out of the house finally and en route to Granma Bonnie’s home in Rising Sun Lane for cookies and a play. Kingsley eats four chocolate cookies, gets a ride with Uncle Bill on his red motorized scooter then is given a present: a car and tracks that light up.


Granma Bonnie’s home in Rising Sun Lane, Hermitage


Uncle Bill teaching Kingsley how to ride his red motorized scooter