09-07-17 Deep Diving

Sunday 9th July 2017

Mel is still very poorly so we leave her to rest at home; Dubai air is affecting her very badly and her lungs are spasmodic. After 20 years her asthma has returned care of this dreadful air. Still she’s in a good mood to chat this morning while Kingsley did his manly thing on the throne…

Kingsley’s desperate for action, Erroll just walked in from his Amsterdam layover so passed out in bed, and Mel won’t tempt fate with her already sore lungs, so its Kingsley and I off to play at what we refer to as Luna Park. In the metro I give him the choice: would you prefer Oasis Center or Ibn Battuta? Ibn Battuta is too far. Lets go to Oasis Center, he replied. Even after I warn him that we must walk 30 minutes in the oppressive heat to get to Oasis Center he still chooses that over the ‘very far’ Ibn Battuta. And so once alight, we trudge over melting bitumen and through dangerous roadworks in what must be 52 degree heat. Finally so very sweaty we reach Oasis Center for a couple of hours of air conditioned play.

Reward for such crazy commuting is a long swim in the pool. Erroll meets us there. The boys are stuck together deep diving while I get to swim without a preschooler stuck to my side. Bliss.