21-10-17 Nicoletta from School

Saturday 21st October 2017

Its a physically exhausting day for you Kingsley; non stop movement, walking, play, practice. With no car to drive us up to Anāvissos our feet are our chariots for the hour it takes us to get to soccer. You take to sitting on the sidewalk for rests and I handfeed you banana for energy. Then hurry you to get up lest we are late.

At one point we pass Nicoletta’s house and we stop to greet the JiaJia. Nicoletta is only waking now and slouching off to breakfast she tells us; got home late with her parents. Kingsley wishes the JiaJia a good morning then mentions how it would be ‘so good’ to play at Nicoletta’s place one day. He makes his wish out loud. And we trudge up hill for the next 30 minutes to soccer.

On our descent from Anāvissos to Saronītha we again pass Nicoletta’s house and glued to the gate Kingsley stays calling out her name till the most excited 4.5 year old comes out to implore that ‘Dorötheos from sxolěo come inside to play.’ Her mum and dad agree and thank the Lord that we came round because they just couldn’t take Nicoletta any longer pleading for ‘Dorötheos my school friend’ to come over and play.

We’re invited in, Nicoletta goes wild from happiness at her wish coming true and Kingsley is literally speechless that his school friend Nicoletta, whose home we pass almost daily, has finally opened the gate.

Two hours later we are still there. Freshly made french fries, kids eating together on the porch, non stop games and hand-holding the two school friends who look like twins have already confirmed their next play date – tomorrow at 5pm!