28-05-16 Tavèrna ZÁHOS

Saturday 28th May

Once again one lone mozzie somehow gets in to our apartment and at 3am terrorized us-always around our ears-so that Kingsley moans and I must get up to burn toxic green coils, slather anti-mozzie cream on us without waking him, somehow turn lights on without waking him, grab the fly swat, hunt the creature, kill it. This morning I find the target on the window. GONE. Still, I keep the poisonous fumes burning a wee while longer (with fan turning) just in case more mozzies turn up. Which they seem to, every night. I wonder whether they are breeding in here. Horrible thought.

So now it’s 5am, and sleepless, I have arranged Kingsley’s toy drawer, fixed the beds and couch, read some facts on Soûnio, and eaten a banana & yoghurt. It’s now 6am and another mozzie has stirred us. This one evades death. GRRR.

Afternoon spent with Thèo Giorgio and Danæ…its Greek tavèrna time at ZÁHOS eating bread, tomato, tzatzîki, hot chippies and all sorts of meat. Kingsley is s champ but only after he wreaks havoc on the fellow patrons: you see it’s a new space and he must investigate. Relief from his terror comes in the form of a bread basket and a high chair. We all enjoy the hearty meal and most of all each other’s company and to be honest, being in a restaurant after so much home cooking is great. Danæ senses my joy at not having to cook and orders the remains of our meal as take away. Yay!

With full bellies we naturally and easily all nap till late.


Taken from a neighbour’s bslcony


Same mountain view, taken from the headland