Becoming a Freelance Writer. Woops – change that tense, Alice: make that “have become” a freelance writer. Yay! First steps to enjoyment in work; to satisfying creative outlets rather than the beneficial yoke attaching my sense of self to the addiction of a steady monthly salary. Yes, I’ll agree that weening myself off this acquired tolerance to the dollar will be like me giving up warm crusty italian bread with your minestrone soup: bloodywell difficult but not impossible.

EDIT: in the February of 2015, when Kingsley learned to walk, and I saved enough to live comfortably for the foreseeable future, I turned my back to a well paid corporate job and farewelled team buddies many of whom became my friends over the 6.3 years of working in Dubai. What I deemed impossible for so long – to stop working to raise Kingsley – became possible. The odd freelance writing job since this transition has allowed me to keep motivated and to feel relevant. 

D3000; f/4; Exposure 1/125sec; ISO -100; Metering Mode: Pattern

D3000; f/4; Exposure 1/125sec; ISO -100; Metering Mode: Pattern

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