26-06-19 Kingsley: Cup Cakes

Wednesday 26th June 2019

Kingsley shoulder-barged a kid this morning before the school bell rang, as they played in the playground. Erroll saw it happen as did the boy’s mum and Jesse’s mum Kavita. Such unnecessary, aggressive and offensive behaviour! Erroll gave him a stern talking to away from the public which led to Kingsley apologizing to the boy and his mum.

So all day I’ve been upset about it thinking why on earth would our son be mean / arrogant to others? I can only imagine the kindy mums avoiding me and Kingsley. So to compensate I packed 6 cupcakes for Kingsley to distribute this afternoon after school.

The little boy he shoulder-barged wasn’t there but Jesse and Chloe were. They sat together in the playground eating cupcakes. Then both kids hugged Kingsley as thanks. Have decided to pack Bulla frozen yoghurts for their after school treats tomorrow such is my consternation that our boy bloody well is a brute!