13-01-18 Chez Tavener

Saturday 13th January 2018

Imogen Tavener and Kingsley hadn’t seen one another let alone played for over a year and a half. Two years ago they had an adventure at “The Journey” down at Jumeira Kite Beach, then a couple months later enjoyed funsies in the Tavener back yard, but since then nothing.

March 2016 Imogen & Kingsley playing at The Journey

Not till today when the Hartleys pay the Taveners a home visit and stay till dinner (kiddies) and wine (weary folk). It was immediate affinity again between Imogen and Kingsley. Wee Ethan definitely kept up with the action, and all three became hysterical in laughter with my dreadful attempts to entertain / praise them with each mouthful of  vegetable spirelli.

At any rate Kingsley proved popular as he came bearing gifts: colour pens for Imogen and two long sleeve tops for Ethan, both tops being worn the instant they were eyed up. Food, wine, friends. A smashing third Hartley-Tavener get together.