15-08-19 Twins: Morning School Run

Thursday 15th August 2019

This morning I discover reserves of energy and enthusiasm that shock even myself. With Erroll away on a layover till Saturday night and γιαγιά at church its up to me to feed, change, clothe and prepared three babies for our school run. Kingsley I must get to school for 9am.

And guess what: out the front gates comes the Valco Snap DUO, in go the twins and off we go as a crazy foursome.

Here is a message I sent Erroll who asked after us as he landed in Brisbane: ‘Darling how is super mum?’

‘Super duper! I woke early to a crying Linus eho jumped into γιαγια’ς bed and was snuggling her. I prepared each baby with boob and changed poo nappies, fed Linus 3 EGGS ONE CHICKEN SAUSAGE 1/3 CHEESE & HAM TOASTIE AND MILK!! We three got out the house walked to Woolies, Elektra fell asleep immediately. We did a grocery shop as Linus felt like a Chobani yoghurt before school. We arrive at school with 20 minutes to go so Linus played so excitedly with his friends!

Meanwhile walking to school Linus ate half an apple, the other half was for sip & munch. His lunch is a sandwich + a banana + one packet rice cakes. ‘

We’re home by 10, babies fed one banana each and a pot of yoghurt, Elektra screeching for my orange, so she sucks on a quarter. Satisfied they both fall asleep.