27-08-18 Cousin Μυχάλης Over

Monday 27th August 2018

Little man couldn’t / wouldn’t move from the apartment this morning after his epic effort at Markelle’s birthday party last night. We got in after 11:30pm to Kingsley whispering / pleading ‘I want to go to bed…’ So we lazed about the house for the first half of the day and really glad we did for we had visitors.

6 year old cousin Μυχάλης popped in with his mum my cousin Maria and the kids had a ball. Kingsley became super proud to show him his toys / games / things. Hanging on the balcony the boys ate goats milk ice cream, looked at a box of toys and gadgets, played ‘Snakes & Ladders’ then painted with acrylic.

At 2pm we did a house swap the boys heading next door us mums following. You see the attraction at Μυχάλης’ place os irresistible: they’ve got Mario the white rabbit who ny the way prefers adults and definitely not kiddies.

By 4pm I’ve managed to talk Kingsley into taking the 123 bus service for a new destination. Today ‘Calypso Beach Bar’ after Alexander Beach and before Άγιος Νικόλαος. So glad we did! Here we meet Nikos the Greek who is slicing sea urchins in half and showing the world ‘Greek caviar’. Offers to try the eggs are met with a firm ‘no’. The kiddo doesn’t even want to try touching the urchin shell let alone eggs. Nor do I.

He’s a kind soul Nikos the Greek: shows Kingsley his thatched hut on the beach, his cats (4) and gives him an ice cream from the convenience store. We all sit around a bunch of us on deck chairs as Kingsley merrily eats hunks of bread on his, and sneakily feeds the cats the mortadela from his sandwiches.