16-04-20 Kingsley: Gratitude

Thursday 16th April 2020

Today we give thanks showing our gratitude to friends who shower Kingsley with presents. Kassandra ages ago giving us the wonderful BRIO train set only now discovered by Kingsley out on his balcony.

Then the books and clothes Daniela gave Kingsley. Books from Adrian’s collection now that he’s a soccer star Kingsley receives his treasures.

Its a non stop lesson I try to teach Kingsley, and that is to actively and consistently show gratitude for all which is given to you. Show it through sending letters, sending cards, video calls, phone calls, pictures and texts.

Speaking of calls we make one to Kavita and Jesse. The boys facetime for ages telling each other jokes about poo and farts. Later Kingsley makes a care package for his buddy. Tomorrow we’ll drop it off to their place.