07-10-16 Swim Lessons

Friday 7th October 2016

A first for us: ‘formal’ (term used very loosely) swim lessons. Didn’t go down too well with a normally pool-loving Kingsley even though Miss Kirra is a fantastic, patient and engaging toddler swim teacher. It’s all my fault. Those tears and protestations before lessons even began is due to me encouraging Kingsley to jump in the water – which he absolutely enjoys – but without arm floaties…which means he drank an awful lot of pool water trying to get his head above the surface. And that initial shock merely served to put him in a very circumspect mood, turning clingy and whinny.

Still, we had breakthroughs: with Miss Kirra’s noodle and floating toys, Kingsley learned to enjoy the water and to all of our delight, stop crying. He even managed to make new friends, and bag a pretty little girl, holding her hand as they walked from pool to pool for non stop splashing fun.

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