UEFA World Cup 2016

Sunday 3rd July 2016

World Cup Football has gripped the world and here in mad-for-soccer UAE its perfectly acceptable to dress one’s child in country colours even though the mother – me – cares little for the game or who is even playing. No such apathy for our friends Robèrto and Katya living in Netherlands who are wild about the beautiful game and also as patriotic for their home countries as you can get: Italy where Robèrto was born and Holland where they both now reside.

Katya my Aussie Ruskie bestie living in Holland with her Latin beau has been chistened as an honorary Italian by his entire Calabrian family and as such roots for Italy. Last year the happy couple sent Kingsley this t-shirt to be worn whenever Italy plays in a World Cup. Well the day came – today: Germany vs. Italy. It was close!! But not even Kingsley wearing this shirt could stop Germany winning in a penalty shootout, sending the Italians home.

We’ll keep the t-shirt for next year. Better luck then, Roberto.

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