04-02-19 Kingsley: Mrs Pam Pernousis

Monday 4th February 2019

Kingsley’s teacher in Green Room this afternoon gave Erroll feed back on Linus’ behaviour in class: he is pleasant – puts his hand up to speak; very sociable, lively, “everyone knows that Kingsley is present; kids like him” she said. He is intetested on learning and demonstrates empathy.

In fact Kingsley comforted a boy who was crying when his parents dropped him to this Kindy classroom and this boy – Alex – has become Kingsley’s ‘best friend’!

They now sit together in class and spend their breaks eating lunch side by side. In fact Kingsley was spotted sharing his packet of pop corn with him.

Alex no longer cries at being dropped off at school thanks to kind Kingsley said the teacher.

In fact for this afternoon Kingsley and Alex arranged an after school rendezvous at the zipline.