09-05-19 Twins: Weigh-in

Thursday 9th May 2019

Our community nurse Suanne came today to assess my mental health (sketchy) and the health of the twinnies. We’re all well; I’m barely surviving on the 3 hours sleep of last night…but the stars are these two who are plump and alert abd weighing almost the same! 5.23kg for Miss Elektra and 10 grams more Keanu.

She then wrote me this…

Hi Alice,

Nice to see you yesterday.

FYI- I have put the weight of the twins on a growth chart – they are doing well according to the Fenton Premature graph (which is the one we use)

Keanu is in the 38% for his corrected age

Elektra is in the 42% for her corrected age.

Brilliant !!

I have scheduled another visit on Thursday June 6th at 10ish..

See you then!! SUANNE X