18-12-20 Twins: Spending Time Apart

Friday 18th December 2020

For the babies’ developing sense of self and agency we separate them from time to time spending hours one on one with each and this fostering great personal bonds with each. Today Erroll, Γιαγιά and I had the treat of giving each baby our undivided attention for hours at a time.

First I took Elektra out for the mid morning, she passing out drinking her milk while we shopped at Woolies. The walk back home to get my e-wallet, back down to the village and second grocery shop she’s still passed out. Over an hour! As a consequence Elektra is pleasant and fun to be around. All this time Keanu is hanging with μπαμπά (they even drove to my beautician and bought me a voucher).

Keanu however was becoming despondent so by 2pm we do the swap – Dora takes the jolly Elektra and we take a delirious and sleep deprived Keanu on a car ride. He passes out in the car and remains asleep for over an hour. Champ wakes and we do a site visit at Elizabeth Street Surry Hills only to discover to our joyful surprise that the gas cooktop actually fits.

I keep Keanu for my visittto the beauty centre where a long awaited wax ovcur. I’m beach body ready now! Keanu remained among 5 or 6 ladies waiting for their nails to be done. Sweet and interactive child was mistaken for a girl! They’d say ‘he’s too pretty to be a boy’. Then they’d witness his brute strength (hauling himself out of his 5 point harness) and they realise Keanu is 100% boy.