10-02-17 Dubai Radio Winners

Friday 10th February 2017

Oh I forgot to mention our magnificent – and completely unplanned for, random – WIN as a team! It happened yesterday as Kingsley and I were walking back from the Dubai Mall, and passing through the Murooj Rotana when we both spot a very sweet red Mini Cooper parked by Al Maya. Some guy in a cap standing by its drivers door was being filmed as he spoke into a pink microphone and a good looking girl in reflector shades was coming out of the sunroof pretending to surprise the talking dude.

Well as is our usual daily practice of greeting passersby, both of us wave to the Mini Cooper team and before you know it we are invited over. We are asked our names, where the husband is (Amsterdam), whether I have already purchased Erroll’s Valentines pressies (no). And since I am a disorganized but jolly resident of Dubai, I win lots of expensive and fabulous gifts for not only Erroll but some for me too! Double prizes for being friendly and chaotic.

Kingsley must have known something interesting and important was happening to us during this roadside neighbourhood episode because he answered “what is your name?” (Kingsley) and “how old are you?” (good) whenever the guy in the cap asked him a question (that is, whenever the pink microphone was thrust into his face). He even gave some attitude and was oppositional with a firm ‘NO!” at one point, but redeemed himself with charm when he knocked knuckles with the dude. Claps all round..plus two bags full of Valentines prizes for Team Hartley.

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