Kingsley: Ramadan Day 23

Tuesday 22nd July 2014  – Iftar

Friends are in town and staying with us for a few day. Possibly the worst time of year to visit us here in Dubai, it being Ramadan, and the height of summer, and they are here with their toddler, Natan, who naturally wants to explore the great outdoors. But it is literally scorching out there. Poor Kym and Jerome: they are thirsty, and hungry and there is no respite from this infernal heat. Welcome to Dubai, our dear French friends!

The very best way to introduce foreigners to Dubai over the Holy Month is through the tradition of breaking fast at Iftar. What better way to get re-acquainted and for the babies, Kingsley and Natan, to enjoy messy, tasty fare. How exciting for me that I will not therefore have to clean up a kitchen floor!!

Natan 039

Baby Natan eating hummus at Iftar

Natan 040

King eating for the very first time buttery cauliflower


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