Kingsley: Nashville McClendon Cousins

Wednesday 30th November 2016

For the final night of our Nashville-family holiday, Erroll’s step sister Rachael, husband Woody and their three kids – Kingsley’s cousins – take us out to a wacky Mexican night of tortillas, salty margaritas and far too much corn ships. From excitement Kingsley does not eat though once his cousins take him to a private booth to play, I shovel chicken into his mouth.

Tonight also happens to be the night before Erroll’s 38th birthday. Secretly the restaurant staff are informed and before we know it a busty, big-bottomed Mexican staff member followed by singers and guitar players approach Erroll singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The birthday boy is fed cake, wears a sombrero and the entire restaurant cheers. Joy!

Cousins Hayes, Woods and John-Thomas with Kingsley in Brentwood Nashville, straight after Erroll’s birthday song…