Za’abeel, Dubai

12th February 2016

Hidden behind the glitz of Sheikh Zayed Road, and nestled close to Business Bay and The Dubai Mall, is a magical precinct of Dubai known as Za’abeel. Here within its 10 square kilometers boundaries all sorts of palaces are located: the Sheikh’s siblings seem to own glorious mansions here in this leafy community which always seems cooler than the main drag, I guess due to its abundance of tall swaying trees…


Winding road of Za’abeel coming from Financial Centre overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road towers

Princess Haya’s horses are stabled here, as is the Dubai Equine Hospital and the Falcon Hospital. Sheikh Mohammed’s very own world class Za’abeel Stables lay behind tall walls, the evidence of which are glimpses of exquisite steeds being tended to by loving grooms, and a long exercise pool that each morning and evening sees a procession of the finest race horses being led to water, for a swim.

Just as noble (but a little more stinky) are the camels who make Za’abeel their home. They would have the best views of the city, considering how very tall they are…

Za'abeel Vets have their camels, donkey, goats and sheep out for locals to pet

Za’abeel Vets have their camels, donkey, goats and sheep out for locals to pet

Villas here are incredibly large and all accommodate local Emiratis, the precinct being designated by Sheikh Mohammed himself as one in which only locals shall reside. In our words, us expats are welcomed to explore, but not own here.

As such, a walking tour of this suburb is truly enjoyable as the view of the city from this perspective are outstanding, animal life is everywhere, super wealthy homes are a pleasure to gawk at, and best of all, we are but 2 kilometers from home.

Exploring all the textures of Za'abeel by foot

Exploring all the textures of Za’abeel by foot