07-03-19 Twins: Miss Gai Visit

Thursday 7th March 2019

For the first time in the 4 weeks of life living at 60 Brook street, I spend quality one-on-one time with each baby. In the morning Keanu and I pass out on the bed.  A couple of blissful hours catching up on the sleep I’ve missed out since the twins birth. I hand to mum a starved and bellowing Elektra, deal as efficiently as I can a stinky and hungry Keanu, head to the milking station bedroom, close the door behind me then snuggle up to the koala boy for 2 hours.

The early evening we’re doing the same only this time mum and I swap babies. I’ve got fiesty Elektra next to me, within seconds she’s fast asleep her favourite thing in the world (after milk /boob) is her parents heavy breathing with our noses on her little face. And that’s how i get her to dreamland in record time.

Between my two epic naps Miss Gai swings round for tea, and to meet the two little people who have taken over my world…