23-09-19 Twins: 8 Months

Monday 23rd September 2019

I wake to a thud, and siren wails: Keanu has fallen out of the bed; his second time! Straight into my arms, in bed, on the boob and cuddling till he stops sobbing. Mercifully Miss Ekekta doesn’t immediately catch on that I abandoned her. She does eventually and with her cries of “come back! I want you back in MY bed…” we begin our day, all 3 of us.

Kingsley is still in Queensland with daddy and boys so I get to focus all my attention on these two cuties who today turn 8 months.

Their favourite flavour right now is blueberry Laban though warm milk weet-bix is a close second. Least favourite food is mashed potato (though to be fair my version is dry tasteless). They go through an avocado and two bananas a day, an egg or two, two weet-bix and of course half a kilo of Greek yoghurt. Oh and always chicken.