Greece ’17: Quiet


A very rare occasion to find either Kingsley or myself quiet. Still there were moments during the 7 weeks in Greece that I caught the champ actually either resting or sitting quietly reading, attempting a puzzle or practicing writing. And in the first three weeks there was of course television – a formidable diversion to any undertakings at self-improvement – which was swiftly unplugged the minute Miss Sophia the preschool Principal told me it was the ruination of Kingsley’s mind.

Addicted at this (early) stage of our holiday to My Little Pony

Lighting candles at Agios Pandeleimonas, Athens

The devil incarnate – Rabbits on Nickelodeon

Day 2 in class

Get a load of that grip! Soon to be corrected by Miss Ioānna

Church mice

Contemplating a new game at friend Fīvos’ place

Result of first day at preschool-passed out at 3pm

Practice at shapes

Quiet on Lagonīssi beach