19-04-17 Back to Preschool

Wednesday 19th April 2017

We’re not used to such a rushed morning but with Mr Mixăli’s punctuality Kingsley must be fed and clothed and downstairs by 8:25am. And as usual we are late: he calls not once but twice letting me know in that genuinely sweet preschool-teacher voice that his little yellow bus is waiting for us. At least we all received plenty of sleep last night especially Kingsley with his 6pm through to 7am mammoth sleep; yes he loves his bed in Saronītha even though it gives me sore ribs.

However getting him enthused for breakfast is another matter. I managed to get down his throat an apple, some mandarin and buttery toast before we scramble across the road. And there, waiting for Kingsley was the very youthful Miss Xristīna whom Kingsley took delight in showing his brand new ‘Minions’ backpack.

After school I don’t let the teachers wait; I’m there ready for the pick up. Delighted that he lasted the entire day at school (no concerning phone calls from the Principal Miss Sophia!) I got half a day to myself and spent it hiking to neighbouring seaside village Anāvissos so am buzzing when the little yellow bus stops and another kindly teacher deposits Kingsley.

Here is the face of our happy preschooler…

8:30am school pick up with Miss Xristīna

3:30pm school drop off