07-10-20 Twins: Yet Another IKEA Visit

Wednesday 7th September 2020

A first: Elektra not saying a word literally all day. She’s lost her voice from crying! Her throat and mouth sore from the blisters of Hand Foot & Mouth disease, all day me applying Bonjela to her gums avd she biting down on my finger to soothe the pain. Each time she falls asleep delirious from the fatigue caused by interrupted sleep of the lady night. She passes out, then wakes in a start of acute pain. She squeaks to be heard! But I believe she’s turned a corner and tonight will prove s better sleep for her.

Meanwhile Keanu is poorly and tonight proves really hard for him. Erroll will take the baby and cuddle him all night.

Today however we took the babies to yet another IKEA visit. Elektra was not impressed. That pout! Keanu cried to be set free; he wants to explore! Then after his nap came over very hungry. The IKEA gingersnap biscuits were as gourmet as it got.