07-09-17 Ball Boy

Thursday 7th September 2017

dear Family,
Greetings from Thursday night. I am wearing my favourite outfit of all time-pyjamas. Kingsley is passed out in bed after an exciting day: school then playground then beach then…being invited to kick the soccer ball by a team of Greek soccer youths!! His dream became a reality! You see our little man has taken to hanging around the sidelines while some youth play snazzy soccer. Their footwork is astounding.

Kingsley watches with awe and when the ball goes out of bounds he RUNS FOR IT, then KICKS IT BACK INFIELD. He’s done this for two evenings straight. Well while helping out at today’s match the youth-ever thankful and sweet to their little ball boy-let him come infield to kick their ball between them. Even clapped when he did a tricky move by stopping the fast rolling ball with his foot on top of it.

His patience and service to these boys paid off. Kingsley beamed all the way home. Then from hunger ate two bowls full of spaghetti bolognese. Then passed out.