23-08-18 Exploring Ανάβυσσος

Thursday 23rd August 2018

Our morning is set at the ideal tempo from the get-go: Kingsley wakes just after 9am…a full 12 hours sleep later. And we potter about playing with plasticine and his model of our solar system while he gets fed melts and eggs.

Daddy calls afew times with promises of flying in to Greece to see us. Kingsley can’t get this out of his head: my Ba-Bāh is coming over! He asks his dad ‘what you want to play when you come over, daddy?’ By all accounts they’ll play ball and go to the pool. The child is satisfied.

Even though its bloodywell easy for me to stay at home in my laziness by 3pm Kingsley’s sincere yearning to ‘go to the park’ (or anywhere, really) drives me to move my butt. We’re packed for a day trip complete with bathing suits, towel, changes of clothing, hair conditioner, packed picnic and bus tickets.

Lazy morning eating ham & cheese melts in front of the TV

Somehow I shake off my laziness and we head out to explore Ανάβυσσος and Παλαιά Φοκαία by bus. Its exhilarating! Neither of us actually want to go home! We swim, play ball, walk for hours along the seashore, shower outdoors at a fancy 5* resort, find other kiddies at the playground, explore the tiny village of Ανάβυσσος. Five solid hours of good times and high energy levels (yay second trimester)…

Two bananas just won’t cut it for a growing boy like Kingsley; he’s hungry already. Its gyro tonight and what draws us in to Mario’s Souvlaki in Ανάβυσσος is firstly the wafting aroma then the fantastic outdoor seating spanning both sides of the street and the sheer number of patrons either already eating or waiting for take out.

I calculate we’ve got 40 minutes till the 7:45pm 123 bus service drives past. So we go for it: our first taste of Mario’s. Its delicious! We’re returning tomorrow! !

Pork giro at Mario’s Souvlāki in Ανάβυσσος