23-08-17 Ayaan Overload

Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Today we have little five year old Ayaan over twice: both morning and after lunch. He adores Kingsley and in turn Kingsley loves playing with his little neighbour in a rough manner that borders on aggressive. But over the years of playing together, Ayaan has kind of learned that its er, fun, to be rough-housed by Kingsley.

Its right now 4:45pm. They’re playing in the master bedroom jumping up and down on the bed, throwing inflated beach balls into the air (and at each other). Its getting a little wild and to soothe them I have Greek nursery rhymes playing on loop. I hear them forever yell ‘your turn’, ‘oww; that hurt’, ‘my turn, no MINE, NO!! You’ve had your turn!~!!‘ ‘OWWW!!’, ‘sorry!!

Now Ayaan is crying into the pillows; Kingsley is running away from the scene. By the looks of cheekiness on his face, Kingsley snatched a plastic orange that Ayaan was about to use to ‘make fruit salad’ in our toy kitchen. Ayaan is inconsolable. Kingsley just asked ‘are you feeling better, little boy?’ then hollers to me ‘he SPEAKS!!’ once Ayaan finally shows his face. At last Kingsley gives Ayaan back the plastic orange. They carry on playing / throttling one another.

In order to stop the bashings / tauntings / Kingsley snatching stuff, I lure the boys out a headlock with ice cream. They share a pot of vanilla London Dairy in a calm manner. The peace lasts just enough time for me to the below photos and for me to believe in years to come that these two played sweetly and quietly all day long…