10-12-16 Crew Christmas Brunch

Saturday 10th December 2016

Day four of jetlag: Kingsley and I are up at nights, and sleep during the day. Today however the letlag is really heavy: by the time we as a family arrive at The Address Hotel, Marina I have been up for 26 hours with a little rest in between while attempting to put Kingsley down for a nap (unsuccessful first time then successfully get him down but two hours before we have to leave for brunch today!!)

I write to the girls as we head off: beware, I look like death, as does Erroll who only flew in from Amsterdam two hours ago and is beyond exhausted. Still we front up to our Crew Christmas brunch by 1PM Erroll and I exchanging many terse words along the way due to lack of sleep and severe disorientation.

For buffet selection, I couldnt be happier for dishes are delightfully ‘Alice’: a Japanese live cooking station, mountains of seafood piled high on ice, nuts, fruit. And mountains of smoked salmon. Kingsley inhales french fries and Erroll cracks open a beer. We all relax finally.