22-06-17 Adventure in Old Town

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Shock! Surprise! Its not 50 degrees centigrade today; its a mild and pleasant 39. And this means we can easily leave the house for a long walk. Erroll is in Birmingham on a layover this past while and most importantly doing a grocery shop at ASDA. Oh all the treats he’ll bring us tomorrow!

In the meantime Kingsley and I are off to Old Town for an adventure. We walk from Financial Centre to The Dubai Mall, up through Burj Park and Burj Khalifa and up to Kingsley’s favourite slippery slide The Burj Slide. He’s up and down it at least 10 times but I stop counting.

Both of us are sweating profusely by the time we spot the Tram, hail the driver and climb on board for a ride. I’d forgotten the tram ride goes for a lousy one kilometer however for Kingsley this ride is incredibly exciting (!!) as we sit up on the top deck with the wind blowing, our birds eye view of the Dubai Mall abd surrounds.

By the time our tramride ends Kingsley is beetroot red and soaked from sweat. Time now for a dip in a secret oasis in the Old Town neighbourhood we’ve known about for years. Noah is the pool attendant on today and as much as he tries just can’t manage one photo of Linus and I splashing. He’s a great guy however and I hear about his life: he’s a proud dad! His 14 year old son back in the Phillipines adored him and remains with his ex bird. Now Noah has a lovely girlfriend here in Dubai.

Kingsley shakes Noah’s hand and we promise to pay him a visit soon on our next Old Town adventure.