Kingsley: Tummy Time

19th March 2014

Our son is extraordinarily advanced. There is no doubt about it. Already doing push-ups! And many in a sequence!! Today his Jiajia Dora, his Nona Marlen and I clapped and cheered as Kingsley practiced his tummy-time, while the Greek news was playing in the background.

Look, its not his favourite activity, however with our encouragement, Kingsley performed wonderfully on his tummy: armed outstretched, legs behind kicking along, neck craning, eyes and forehead straight ahead, and most joyously of all: not a whimper in protest!

Such daily exertions help our baby strengthen his neck, shoulders, arms and torso muscles. This strength will prepare him for crawling as well as getting him ready to push up, roll over and eventually to stand. Goodness!

Along with gross motor skills, tummy time encourages our infant’s fine motor skills. For example Kingsley attempted to grasp at our clothing while we sat in front of him on the bed and he balanced on one arm to reach for his new platypus…




Once Kingsley has sufficient head control — around age 4 months — I shall play aeroplanes. As he gets bigger and feels comfortable, I’ll bend my knees, lifting my feet off the floor so he flies as I move my legs up and down. With a daddy as a cabin crew, there is little doubt that King will love the new aerial view!

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