20-02-19 Aunty J

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Your beloved and kind Aunty Julie visits you today. Last time she saw you was in NICU three weeks ago and has been pressing me to let her come over ever since. Well today she wielded her magic wand over you both and surprised us all by sending you into a deep slumber – one baby at a time.

The trick she says is to feed the calm, still-sleepy baby (never hysterical from hunger) vast amounts of milk, burp the baby then force some more milk in that belly of theirs…till eyelids close and a few more burps come out of milky mouths.

Hours of sleep will follow. And sure enough, hours of rest came (for us all!). First Elektra then Keanu are given the Aunty J treatment. Jiajia Dora can’t believe how quiet the house is! Two restful babies!