28-02-21 Twins: Cronulla

Sunday 28th February 2021

Last day of summer spent at Sydney Park among cavoodle (midday) then Wanda beach Cronulla for the arvo, daddy taking control of the outdoors fun while mumma enjoys a West Coast Cooler with Gai & Ange then champagne with old uni friends Rodney Elvira Rani at Andy’s store This is not a Shop.

Highlights of our day: taking the 370 bus to Sydney Park with a chilled out Elektra allowing Keanu that precious alone time with Erroll at home; Elektra at the park pleased to chill in her buggy all the while us girls chat eat almonds and Dora’s cake; spotting a shirtless Keanu (though wearing Elektra’s unicorn backpack and her Frozen light up sneakers) coming up to meet us in our picnic spot; both babies finally passing out in the car en route to my social event #2 in Cronulla; Erroll taking them to Wanda for their first experience on the sands of The Shire.