15-04-18 Eva’s McDonalds Party

Sunday 15th April 2018

Three eggs, one yoghurt pouch, a banana and a piece of toast: this is what I consider nutritious enough a breakfast to counter today’s body assault at McDonalds. Its Eva’s second birthday and we’re celebrating with nuggets, French fries, shakes and the dreaded apple juice. Kingsley’s in heaven. Previous to today, he’s known Maccas only through my sisters – his aunties – who like to treat him with a McFlurry at each visit. [Goes up to the service girl, hands over his $1 coin, asks for a soft serve icecream, grips it by the fragile wafer cone till it cracks, gingerly licks the top then chucks the lot out / feeds it to Frank.]

Today’s chaos started with demands for juice, icecream cake, M&Ms the minute he heard the other kids being offered these by hopeful/weary adults. At least 5 meltdowns. Kingsley’s favourite food was definitely the French fries though they turned cold/hard in a few minutes. One bite of the chicken mcnugget and he slid the entire packet away. (Thank heaven).

Family ties strengthening was a highlight for me and watching new friendships forged between all the wee cousins made me even forget momentarily our 1 hour 38 minute commute on public transport we dealt with to get from Coogee to Sylvania Maccas this morning.