19-05-19 Kingsley: Botany Rams

Sunday 19th May 2019

My commitment to this first born knows no limits: after lets say ‘limited’ sleep last night care of the ever boobing Elektra I get up sprightly to feed Kingsley his sausage breakfast. How can I send him off to represent the Coogee Dolphins versus the Botany Rams without a hearty breakfast?

Daddy and son hitch a ride with bestie Alex and his dad Costa; off to run the length of the field for his sixth Try of the season, Kingsley showing no letting up from his enthusiasm to the game (who knew?!)

Other on-field highlights include being stood on by an opponent: a studded shoe grinding into Kingsley’s hand at the time of being tackled; and he himself in turn tackling with abandon from waist down thankfully.

At home we shower together, eat together (eggs! sausage! spiral pasta! bananas & apples! παστίτσιο!!) play together, spell words together (we’re learning suffixes) then read together in bed. But not before Kingsley heaps affection on little bro Keanu.