15-08-19 Kingsley: Mumma Time

Thursday 15th August 2019

With Erroll away from early hours this morning till Saturday night, Kingsley very rapidly gets used to the Mumma Show. For if daddy is away, its 100% mumma time. In fact today I dug deep; all my inner reserves to ensure Linus gets to school in plenty of time for play with friends. He’s a champ I must say  not once giving me reason to holler at him. In fact with ear phones on I allow Kingsley to watch Greek fairytales as he gets fed three eggs, a chicken sausage, some ham & cheese toastie, washed down with milk then chased by half an apple. Clearly not enough because when we pop into Woolies he eats a Chobani yoghurt.

Well all that nourishment goes some way into creating a future jiu-jitsu champ representing of course his Dojo Bondi GFT…