29-05-17 Breakdown at the Coconut Bar

Monday 29th May 2017

You suffered an almighty meltdown this evening, Kingsley. At precisely 7:35pm as we approached the Coconut Bar for predinner drinks to celebrate your Oma’s special birthday, the exhaustion of your active day hits you like a wall and tou let out all sorts of murdeous sounds. You’re inconsolable and won’t bear one second more of being anywhere but our cool bedchamber. Hysterical and deranged you won’t even let mummà be taken in a photo. The thought mummà in a photo flanked by Mika and Oma sends you over the edge of reason and I carry you home – all 22 kilos of you.

Once in my arms the tears dry and you whisper how happy you are to be going home for hot chippies and some TV. While the others sing Happy Birthday to Oma at Chanadda restaurant, you and I get into comfy pyjamas, watch non stop reruns of your current fave cartoon PJ Masks and wait for our room service.

Apart from the chaos of that episode you thoroughly enjoyed your day: swimming in the kiddies pool with Oma, beachcombing with her too, learning to write our names in the sand – your favourite being ‘Oma’, ‘Mumma’ and ‘Ba-Bāh’, and of course a solid couple of hours at the kids club with your favourite teacher on this holiday Miss Joy…