08-05-19 Twins: Sleep Disturbance

Wednesday 8th May 2019

I conducted a little experiment this evening: the twins slept with me, and not in separate sleeping quarters. Usually Keanu is with Jiajia overnight and I have the firebrand Elektra. Sensing the woman could do with a break – a solid block of sleep (don’t we all) – I bravely have them both. In my bed. Well that was a crazy notion. They literally didn’t let me sleep one wink. Fatigue and exhaustion set in and as I watched the sun rise, Elektra clinging hard to my boob and poor neglected Keanu protesting with real tears to be cuddled. At some point Erroll came in to save me. And with zero hesitation I hand over the babies, put on my pink hoodie and sunnies, and shuffle out to attend to Kingsley.

Never ever again.