Kingsley: 14-1-14 Generations

The photo below depicts Kingsley’s Jiajia Dora holding Kingsley’s aunt Marlen, when Marlen was around 2 months of age, in Sydney’s Centennial Park, 1965. Mum’s sunnies scream 1960’s as does her bouffant and all-round style. Our sister Sylvia was not yet born and I being the youngest of three children, was not even a glimmer in my parent’s eye.

Tomorrow being the 15th January, Kingsley’s Jiajia Dora arrives in Dubai, and will for the first time, meet her fifth grandchild face to face.  (Skype does not count with newborns!)

When generations of family come together to celebrate a birth, distance does not impede the meeting. A 15 hour long haul flight currently stands in the way between Jiajia Dora swaddling our boy, as she did to her own daughter 48 years ago…

Kingsley's Jiajia Dora with her own baby - my sister Marlen, taken late '60s Sydney

Kingsley’s Jiajia Dora with her own baby – my sister Marlen, taken mid ’60s Sydney

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